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Who Are Loss Adjusters?

Loss adjusters are independent assessors of insurance claims. An independent claim or loss adjuster is a trained specialist whose primary role is to represent insurance companies by determining the financial loss suffered by a policyholder after he/she has filed a claim. Be it a flood or fire in a residential or commercial property, their role is assessing, evaluating, and reporting on insurance claims as a third party.


What Are The Duties Of The Best Loss Adjuster In Ireland?

The responsibilities of a loss adjuster are much diversified and can extend into several areas. Typically speaking, the responsibilities of loss adjusters include:

  • Decide if the loss is fully covered under the insurance contract.
  • Assess the exact nature of your loss and find out the responsible parties
  • Examine claims by checking police reports, and records, and interviewing the persons involved, including witnesses.
  • Reach a fair financial settlement for every party to the insurance contract.
    Negotiate with repair shops, contractors, as well as other restoration experts.

Why Do Insurers Hire a Loss Adjuster in Ireland?

Insurance companies hire the best loss adjuster in Sligo to investigate your claim. When you make an insurance claim with your home insurer, you can get a visit from an adjuster for investigating and assessing the claim’s validity.

During the visit, you can expect the adjuster to:

  • Capture images
  • Record the damage’s extent
  • Make sure the site is secure
  • Advise you and the insurance company of the best choice

What Does a Loss Adjuster in ireland Look For?

A professional loss adjuster in Galway will investigate:

  • The reason for the incident
  • The value of the damage or loss
  • If the price being claimed is right
  • If the insurance policy is existing and covers the extent of the loss
  • If the insurance policy’s terms and conditions have been met

The loss adjuster will take photographs of visible damage at your property for supporting their findings. He/she may also advise on helping mitigate any further losses by taking measures for safety and security.


Loss Adjusters vs. Loss Assessors: The Difference

Often, loss adjusters and loss assessors are confused by many people. However, there is a basic difference between them:

  • Loss adjusters are private contractors chosen by the insurance company to investigate the claims and report back to them.
  • Loss assessors are private contractors chosen by you, the policyholder, to safeguard your interests in an insurance claim.


No matter whether the claim is from fire damage, storm damage, or any other event, the claims process is complicated. Having someone on your side that’s familiar with the policy language can make a huge difference to the outcome of the claim. So what are you still waiting for? Hire a professional loss adjuster in Ireland to get the best possible settlement for your claim.