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Loss Assessors In Mayo

We are a team of Independent Property Loss Assessors in Mayo that specialises in claims management and consultancy for insurance claims and business losses.

We represent policyholders throughout the Republic of Ireland in both domains of Residential and Commercial insurance claims.

Our highly qualified and reputed Quantity Surveyors and Insurance Assessors in Mayo can help you with the assessment of your property, have a proper valuation of your losses, and interpret the policy fine prints to help you get the maximum coverage.

We can also negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf, and make the claims process more confident and quick.

Contact Us for All Kinds of Insurance Claims Needs: 

  • Storm Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Burst Pipes
  • Water Damage.
  • Fire Damage
  • Burglary & Theft,
  • Impact Damage

Our primary aim is to maximize the return for our clients by way of a legitimate settlement or by way of defeating opposing parties’ submissions at trial. Our professional representation will help you understand the complexities involved in claiming against your insurer or third party’s insurer and ensure that you receive fair and just compensation for your loss.


Why Do You Need A Loss Assessor 

Because it is your right! 

When you make an insurance claim, the insurance company would send over a loss adjuster to assess your property and losses and calculate the amount of the coverage you are to get based on the damages and your performance in paying for premiums. Every other loss adjuster in Mayo would have the training to secure the insurer’s interests legitimately and be partial towards the company. 


Appointing an independent loss assessor means doing the same thing from your side and validating the loss adjuster’s calculation, without any partiality. 


Apart from having a thorough inspection of your property and damages, you can also get an independent loss assessor’s assistance for interpreting hard-to-understand fine prints, asking the right questions, avoiding mistakes and ensuring from your side that the coverage which your insurer is giving you, is at par with what you deserve. 


And Why Would You Choose Us Over A Loss Adjuster in Mayo 

  • Best possible settlement guaranteed!
  • We operate nationwide in Ireland – call us from any city, we will be there! 
  • Stay informed at all times throughout the claims process and make conscious decisions.
  • Get personalised advice at a reasonable cost. 
  • No added fees if you don’t get the claim.

Getting In Touch With Nationwide Loss Assessors in Mayo 

We understand how devastating property damages can be. There can be personal injury. There is always heightened emotional stress. So when it is time to make an insurance claim, leave the entire hassle to us.  


  • Call us and schedule an appointment 
  • We can instantly take matters into our hands and inform the insurance company on your behalf if you haven’t already. 
  • We will come down to your given address within 24 hours
  • Our Quantity Surveyors will inspect your property and compile your claims including the building, any consequential losses, valuable possessions, higher operating costs and all other expenses to get you the best quote as quickly as possible. 
  • We will support and assist businesses to keep them running while the ongoing claims process. 
  • We can conduct the entire negotiation with your insurance company from start to finish 

Need advice on making an insurance claim in Ireland? Talk to us now! 

Just pick up the phone and dial the number:  0872664372. We are ready to listen to you.