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A mushroom farmer in the midlands contacted his insurance company following a leak to 

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Residential Claims

Making an insurance claim of any description can be an onerous task. A fire, flood, burglary, burst pipes, etc. is likely to be one of the more traumatic events you encounter in your life. If you are a private individual making a claim, without professional help, the small print in your policy may work against you.


Remember, Loss Adjusters work for and are paid for by the Insurance Company. Nationwide Loss Assessors will represent your interests alone and we look towards achieving the best possible settlement on your behalf.


We will:

•  Check your policy details and confirm cover with your insurers
•  Assist with the completion of your claim form
•  Compile a detailed valuation of all insured damage for presentation to your insurance company
•  Undertake all further communication and negotiations with your insurance company from start to   finish
•  Organise alternative accommodation for you and your family where required
•  Provide end to end management of the claims process from emergency repairs through to completion of work

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