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Loss Assessors in Sligo

Independent Loss Assessors in Sligo Help You Get The Insurance Coverage You Deserve

Nationwide Loss Assessors are your local, independent experts in property valuation and loss assessment for insurance claims. As a leading loss assessor in Sligo & claim assessor in Sligo, we operate across all areas of Ireland, specialising in both residential and commercial properties for insurance purposes.

We are ready to assist our clients in preparing and presenting insurance claims , loss assessors in Sligo for diverse fields. 

✅ Flood Damage
✅Storm Damage
✅Fire Damage
✅Water Damage
✅ Burst Pipes
✅Impact Damage
✅Denials & Appeals 

We are loss assessors in Sligo, work exclusively on behalf of insurance policyholders, delivering unbiased property assessments and making way for you to get the maximum insurance coverage that you deserve. 

Why Do You Need A Property Loss Assessor In Sligo

The real advantage of using our loss assessment service is that you will have an expert on your side to help you investigate and decipher all of the terms in your insurance contract where you are entitled to compensation. As a result, you are unbeatable in obtaining the best possible settlement for your claim. 

Without our assistance, you will be on your own and maybe at the grace of the Insurance Loss Adjusters who are not assigned by you, but the insurance company. The majority of loss adjusters in Sligo & loss assessors  in Sligo work under special instructions to protect the interests of both you and the insurance company. This procedure frequently curtails the amount paid on your insurance claim. Our job is to save you from that kind of partiality. 


How Can Loss Assessors Help You 

We strive to deliver you clarity and confidence throughout your insurance claims process. 

Our insurance claims in Sligo experience can simplify the most complex cases, whether the damage is caused by burst pipes, personal injury, or water and flood damage caused by the storm. 

  • 98% Success Rate.

  • Over 1,000 Cases Settled.

  • Free Initial Consultation.

  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

  • No Need to Obtain Quotations.

Our loss assessment experts would visit your site and independently survey the physical areas of damage that are included in the insurance claim schedule, and create the Scope of Works (SoW) accordingly.

Our service ensures that there is no need for you, the policyholder, to obtain quotes from builders, industry experts, and other authorities. As you have sustained a huge loss we take the responsibility of carrying out the fieldwork so that you can concentrate on strutting things up during the period you are yet to get the insurance money.

We will assist you with the Value at Risk (VaR) survey for your property or business, empowering you to capitalise on its full value when renewing your insurance claim. The survey can cover the general parameters of the building, assets, equipment or stocks and business interruption coverage. Our loss assessors shall prepare a detailed report that will have all the accounts of insurance coverage, including all estimations, specifications, complete with the justifications for arriving at a figure, in accordance with the headings of your policy schedule. We are renowned for delivering high-efficiency reports with accurate and concise figures and facts that are unmistakable and agreeable by insurance companies. Rest assured till the time of your next renewal after 12months – your VaT reports will be updated end-to-end. 

Finally, we deliver you freedom from all kinds of fine print deceptions. Get expert assistance for transforming hard to crack terminology into simple terms that you can understand, be concerned with and remediate consciously.  

Get In Touch With Us Before or After You Have Claimed Your Insurance!

You can trust us because not only are we a highly respected claims assessor in Sligo & loss assessors in sligo but because we care for you and keep your needs on priority. 

Our reputation is entirely earned through the honest reviews and referrals of our clients.  Because of our professional demeanour, insurers, loss adjusters, and brokers hold us in high regard. 

We understand the role of compassionate communication, promptness of actions and how informing the client about what is going on are equally important as delivering the best results. 

Thus, obtaining the best possible settlement is inevitable. 

We have assisted 1000+ residents and businesses in obtaining a holistic conclusion – we can do this for you too!

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