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The Importance of NOT Under-insuring your Property
Don’t make the mistake of under-insuring your home and contents, or you might have 
A mushroom farmer in the midlands contacted his insurance company following a leak to 

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The consequences of a fire, flood, burglary, burst pipes, etc. to your business can be dramatic, sometimes fatal, but always time consuming. Managing such a claim requires the kind of expertise accumulated only through years of experience dealing with numerous cases. Retaining Nationwide Loss Assessors in the event of an insurance claim might be the best business decision you ever make.


We will (where appropriate):

Check your policy details and confirm the level of cover with your insurers

Assist with the completion of your claim form

Compile a detailed valuation of all insured damage for presentation to your insurance company

Advise on the most appropriate type of settlement

Assist in relocation if required

Work with your accountants to assist with quantification of business interruption / loss of profits / increased cost of working

Undertake all further communication with your insurers to the completion of the claim


Call us now at 087 2664372