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Nationwide Loss Assessors are a company of professional Loss Assessors who will represent you, the policyholder, in the event of an insurance claim.

Residential Claims Commercial Claims


We work for you.

•  Who may hire a Loss Assessor?
•  What to do if you have an Insurance Claim?
•  What Nationwide Loss Assessors will do for you?


Did you know?


Loss Assessors work for you.  Loss Adjustors work for your insurance company.

Without the services of Nationwide Loss Assessors you may be at the mercy of the Insurance Loss Adjusters who are appointed by your insurance company to protect the interests of your insurance company and typically look to minimise the amount paid on your insurance claim. Their fee is paid by the insurance company and they report directly to them.


Nationwide Loss Assessors can assist in the preparation and presentation of all residential insurance claims and commercial insurance claims

•  fire damage,
•  flood damage,
•  storm damage,
•  burglary,
•  impact damage,
•  burst pipes,
•  water damage.

View our insurance claim case studies, we are successful securing the correct settlement for your claim. See what our clients say about us, Testimonials.

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Nationwide Loss Assessors are specialists in all aspects of insurance claims management.


You insure the property, We ensure the settlement