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Nationwide Loss Assessor Galway

Get Maximum Insurance Coverage

We Offer Independent Loss assessments for a wide range of Domestic and Commercial Insurance Claims. We help you make an insurance claim with confidence and consciousness.

Nationwide Loss Assessor Galway offers Independent Property Loss Assessment for insurance policyholders in both domestic and commercial areas. We aim to give you the confidence and consciousness that you need to have a clear picture of the damages you have sustained and the insurance coverage money that you deserve.



Don’t Give In to Intimidation When it Comes to Claiming Insurance

Call The Most Reliable Property Insurance Claims Assessor in Galway



When your property is met with an accident or incident leading to claimable damage, the first grasp that you make has a lot of concern owing to the hassles you may have to face during the insurance claims process that is to follow! 



If you are feeling intimidated by the voice of your insurance company agent telling you how they are sending over their loss adjuster to inspect your space, it is a good step to have your own independent loss assessor cross-check if the insurance company is paying you right!



It Is Your Money, You Are Not Supposed to Compromise


Let Nationwide Loss Assessor Galway Help You Get Maximum Insurance Coverage


Nationwide Loss Assessors, as independent specialists in property appraisal and loss assessment for insurance claims, have become a leading name in Galway for settling over 100 insurance claims cases over the 3years from  2019 to 2021.



We help our clients in preparing and presenting insurance claims for diverse fields. 



✅Fire Damage 

✅Storm Damage 

✅ Flood Damage 

✅Water Damage 

✅ Burst Pipes 

✅Impact Damage 


✅Denials & Appeals



We work on neutral grounds and collaborate with all Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters in Galway with healthy terms.



  • We can talk to the insurance company throughout the claims process.
  • Our loss assessor will survey your space in collaboration with the loss adjuster appointed by the insurance company.
  • We can arrange for it so that your insurance company directly calls us instead of disturbing you.
  • We will keep you updated with all the happenings at your convenience and never make a move without your knowledge.
  • We can decipher the fine prints in the policy documents so that you know what is going on, simply and quickly.
  • We can also help you with claims denials on unfair grounds and reapplication with stronger evidence.


We understand how devastating property damage can turn out to be. While we cannot change many things, we can surely reduce your hassle owing to the insurance claiming process.


Nationwide Loss Assessor Galway: What We Cannot Do For You, We Don’t Charge



Our job is to course through the confusing technical content of insurance policy fine prints and look closely across your property damages to ascertain what the insurance company is paying you is the right amount.


We would never promise or guarantee that we will get you the insurance coverage in all instances. Many times, the denial of a claim is unfortunately irreversible. In that case, we will never charge you anything.


Nationwide is a highly reputed claims assessor in Galway, accredited by our past clients, insurance companies and loss adjusters in Galway as an honest independent professional. We would rather that you consulted us with realistic expectations.



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We always recommend that insurance policyholders have a complete understanding of the claims process beforehand. Missing premiums is a very common cause of facing claims denials. And hiding the actual reasons for damage can also impact your eligibility.



Book an Appointment with Nationwide Loss Assessor to consult with our experts. Have a prior understanding of your insurance policy terms and conditions and be prepared for the future.

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