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The Importance of NOT Under-insuring your Property
Don’t make the mistake of under-insuring your home and contents, or you might have 
A mushroom farmer in the midlands contacted his insurance company following a leak to 

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Who may hire a Loss Assessor?

Any householder holding an insurance policy with any insurer.
•  Any apartment owner. Most apartment owners have buildings cover through their management company.
•  Property management companies.
•  Any tenant with contents insurance and/or responsibility for Fixtures & Fittings with an insurance policy for same.
•  Any person or company occupying a property with a lease agreement.
•  Any business or company.
•  Any person/company with an insurance policy related to property or their business.


What to do if you have an Insurance Claim?

Notify your insurance company immediately.
•  Make sure the cause of the damage is stopped as soon as possible in the case of leaks or property is secured in the case of break-in or fire etc.
•  If a plumber is in attendance, get a plumbers report as to the cause of the leak. If Gardai are involved get a card and/or pulse number.
•  As anything you say may prejudice your claim call Nationwide Loss Assessors as soon as possible.


What Nationwide Loss Assessors will do for you?


•  We will make an appointment to inspect the damage without delay.
•  We will notify the insurance company if the insured has not done so already.
•  We will advise and guide the insured through the entire process.
•  We will work with businesses to stay in operation, and advice on best options following a loss.
•  We will compile the entire claim for buildings, contents, consequential loss and increased cost of working etc. thus avoiding the time consuming need for the insured to source quotes.
•  We will negotiate a settlement ensuring that the insured gets there full entitlement without the stress.